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    IP Space

    I've been noticing alot of providers up'ing the price in the last months and such for IPs and some I've noticed are already pulling services down and such to reserve IPv4s and changing different things and also canceling different products/services to reserve for IP space.

    I guess we were lucky, We are sitting on about 8,000 Ipv4 addresses that we have un-used yet.. We have not changed our prices or anything yet because we don't feel we have to yet, along with our data centers where we our offering Hosting Solutions (dedicated servers, vps's, and hybrid servers) we have about 880 in our cycle still unused on just our unmanaged small vps brand, but we have quite a bit of IPv4 space left throughout our company.

    We purchased a buncha IP space back in 09-2010 from some companys that went bankrupt, and a buncha .ro companys. I know of a few other companys that did the same such as encept and such.

    But it just amazes me, how people are shocked that the IP space has ran out and did nothing about it to grab some.

    How many IPs do you have? is your company out? When do you plan to be out of IPv4s, and whats your plans for it?

    Me and another Manager were laughing about this the other day, that two big companys that we know of and one we used to even own that we sold changed there whole operations and when we started it we were IRC Services for everything (Shells, Servers, VPS's) and now the company back in Oct. 2010 at the ending of there clients billing cycles who used there stuff for IRC and had purchased blocks for 'vhosts' or running there own irc shell business, at the end of there billing cycle they where pulling back the services and ending there "IRC Allowed Services", so recover IP space which was a good idea but then again it was not because they lost alot of clients, when we sold it 85% of the company was irc-liked clients... But I do understand, as you figure someone would purchase a dedicated server, we would provide 64 IPv4 addresses by default and then people would upgrade that to 124, or order another 32 IPv4 addresses and such and back then it wasn't much for us as we started this back in 06 and Ipv4 space wasn't scarce as it now.

    But it just amazes me that alot of some known providers are really down to like a couple 100 ipv4s left unused or less, or even out!

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    We have a few thousand unused IPv4s, and plenty to go around we are still offering IPs at $1.50/month with justification on 'extra ip space' on some of our brands.

    We sell ips depending on the brand/company/divion starting at $1.00-2.25/month.

    I know I was down one of our offices today, and discussing it with a few managers that we are currently looking at another .ro company that is going under and has a few blocks that they are selling that we are currently in contact with of buying them out (not the company, just the ip space and some of there hardware they are going to let go from there US data centers they've used.) which is what we have been doing for almost a year now, and just racking up IP space.

    One of our VPS brands, our unmanaged vps brand we provide 2 IPv4s dedicated with the vps on the initial order along with 18 Ipv6s, but the catch is there we only allow you to order a additional 1 IPv4 address.. but IPv6's are free. We do have some catches and policys in play for the Ipv4 run-out inplace. But I personally don't feel any of our brands or divisions or projects running at the moment is lacking Ipv4 space or going to run out any time soon within the next 6-8 months.

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    We have not experienced a shortage of IP addresses. However we did change our policy from and unlimited number of IP addresses to a maximum of 8 extra IP's per order, and upped the price to $5 per month.

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    What do you offer?

    What kind of services does that apply to? VPS's? Dedicated Servers?


    That's pricey for a IP Address... Are you guy's IPv6 ready?


    We started a Project in our IRC Community that has brought some success to our hosting brands in the IPv6 part of our solutions, because of it we have got alot of members using IPv6 and liking IPv6, and even assisting them with switching over after starting our IPv6 Project (f6.fusionlayer)

    The project is called fv6 (f6) and all it is, I assigned one of our admins to manage the project with me and I had him go in to our server-storage room and put together a server with some hardware we have stock of and rack the server up and then load up the configurations and we assigned a whole /64 block of IPv6 and setup and configured the networking and then I created a custom MOTD screen and bash prompt, loaded it up with CentOS latest OS and with that I made all the networking IPv6, so everything is accessible by IPv6 only and then I created a few bash commands and labeled on the MOTD for IPv6 FAQ/Walk Through/Assistance and called it the f6.fusionlayer.*

    The concept was, with the motd welcoming you in the box we created a application form where users can apply for a free shell to the box.

    So, what the deal was..
    It's IPv6 only, users apply for a shell.. if they meet the requirements they get approved

    1 username
    5 Dedicated IPv6 Addresses
    1GB Diskspace
    FTP & SSH Access

    And the community right now has 99 users in the channel, with 8 admins, we currently have 192 approved users/shells on the box and still have another 43 awaiting approval with 406 rejected users/spam users.

    With the shell there able to do whatever they want, run a ipv6 irc leaf, use it for irc purposes, a shell, web hosting, storage, vpn, proxy service, whatever but it's only IPv6 and aslong as they are a active member in the irc community the shell is free, the only requirement is that every 72 hours (3 days) they have to stop in to the IRC and type !checkin <username> and during the application they supply a check in password so the bot we created PMs them and they supply the password then they are approved, most users never leave the channel and the check is only for when you part or disconnect from our irc channel.

    We also designed a custom section in our online control panel, for this project only where they can login (coded in php by me) and manage there shell from online, change passwords, view and manage uploaded files, it has a 'one click installer' feature to install things such as ZNC, psybnc, bitchx, irssi, etc.. and some other cool features along with submit tickets to our admins assigned to this project if something is wrong or they have a question.

    The motd:

    - system info:
    Hostname f6.fusionlayer
    Uptime 10 days
    Operating System CentOS 5.5
    Location LA, Califorina

    - user info:
    Username glitched
    Home Directory /glitched
    Disk Space 25GB
    IPv4: 0
    IPv6: 5 - "MyIPv6" to view your assigned IPs

    - commands:
    MyIPv6 - This will show you your assigned ip6 addresses
    newv6 - A splash walk through of how to use the basics of setting up V6
    virtualv6 - A virtual application to allow you to learn and test setting up a V6 server, networking, and configurations
    howto <question> - Ask a question and our server-faq will try to answer
    v6options - List of options you can do with v6

    - installers:
    znc, irssi, bitchx, psybnc, unrealircd, inspircd, gotbnc, fusionlayerv6, fvpn, go2irc

    - note:
    This box is for use of learning and production use only, if we feel you are abusing the server or other users your account will be deleted with no questions asked and you will be banned. This is a free service and will remain free to help get people transitioned over to the new IPv6 revolution. The FusionVIRTUALv6 Application will launch you our latest and newest virtual application to configure and setup your own boxs networking with v6 and such with your dedicated ipv6 addresses for you to play with and mess around with, if you have any questions please login to your control panel and submit a ticket or ask in irc!

    ([email protected] ~)# uptime
    20:14:47 up 10 days, 12:34, 22 user, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
    ([email protected] ~)#

    So far it's been doing great, and we just rolled out our newest update on the system of the virtual v6 application where users are able to setup there own networking on a 'virtual box' thats configured through our second server, everything is ipv6 only and free to use. It's based on our IRC channel and our online forums for discussion, and feed back and help on IPv6 and people discussing things you can do.


    Sense we opened this we have had tons of users sign up for our services, and also users requesting more IPv6s on there services because I guess they now know what they can do with em and the cool features and protection and such v6 has with there services.


    We still have a buncha IPv4s though, and we actually just rolled out a promotion at the beg. of this month for every client that paid on time of there invoice or 24 hours earlier then the due date and has been with us for at least 3 months with good status of there account with us we provided 1 IPv4 address to them for the most recent service paid for.

    They must be in good standards with us (all services paid for, no late fees been charged to them, not no reports made against em, etc), and if they have at least 1 active service that is not a budget vps or a yearly plan, if they have been with us for at least 3 months and have paid on time for the 3 months, there next month invoice after paid they will be provided 1 free Ipv4 we did just to give back for a 2 week thing, we handed out 65 IPv4 addresses though, lol.

    We have about roughly, with just our oldest brand about 3,000 unused Ipv4s left in whats assigned to them, and our big vps brand we have about 2,500 Ipv4s unused, and with I believe some where around 7-8k IPv4s left total, along with us taking over this company later this week we will be bringing more ip space into our company.

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