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    Network monitoring software?


    Iím curious what software everyone is using to monitor their networking equipment for uptime, logs, alerts of high bandwidth utilization/ddos attacks, hardware failures etc? We have 2x cisco 6500ís we would like to monitor and are curious what everyone is using to accomplish this? Thanks in advance!

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    I'm sure you can do this with Nagios..
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    I use OpManager from ManageEngine

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    Using Zenoss Community here.

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    Zenoss is nice. Zabbix works well also..

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    Zenoss with Nagios/Cacti plugins works very well and is pretty comprehensive.

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    In terms of the technology, the 3 main methods of would be SNMP queries to the switch, Port-Mirroring + Capture if you want to deep-inspect the actual data traffic, and NetFlow monitoring (where the switch sends sampled data stats to a collector)

    Nagios, Paessler PRTG and others should be able support some or all of these monitoring methods at varying cost
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    Thank you for the replies, i suppose one of the bigger features i left out is a way to easily identify the ip's of an incoming ddos attack so they can be black holed upstream, without the use of netflow as netflow has been crashing both routers for seemingly unknown reasons right now so using it is not an option. I stumbled across which seems to fit the bill for parsing syslog data exported from the routers with support for rule-based email alerts but from what i gather nagios, zabbix, zenoss and now jffnms do not have anything that monitors actual traffic with the ability to email ip's involved in a potential ddos attack. I do not need day to day bandwidth monitoring as cacti is currently managing that great via snmp.

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    Nagios, Paessler PRTG and others should be able support some
    Maybe I am doing something wrong, but we have been able to get PRTG to work correctly with V2 snmp, so havent been able to get accurate readings on 10 gig interfaces.
    way to easily identify the ip's of an incoming ddos attack
    Often the IPs are spoofed

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    besides the DDoS stuff, Cacti will do what you are looking for with some additional plugins. It has a monitor, threshold, and flow plugin.

    The flow plugin obviously journals all your flow data to a mySQL database.

    The monitor plugin will send e-mail alerts when a device is down. Using the threshold plugin you can set alerts for things like high sessions, traffic spikes, you name it.

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