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    Setting up mod_rewrite with virtualhost for multiple domains

    I set up an IP-based VirtualHost, so that my customers can just point their domains to my IP and all those domains will point to a single location on my server.

    Now, I'm trying to create an .htaccess file with mod_rewrite for SEO-friendly URLs. In the past, I have always hard coded the domain name into my .htaccess file. In this case, I can't do that, because I will have multiple domains using that same .htaccess file.

    How do I do this?

    I would like to create the effect below (see the HTTP_HOST part)...
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteBase /
    ReWriteRule ^([0-9]{5})-([a-z-]+)-abcd.*$ http://%{HTTP_HOST}/file.php?var1=$1&var2=$2 [NC]
    Please let me know if you any clarification. Thanks!


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    You can either

    A) Put the rewrite rules into the VirtualHost sections of the httpd.conf file. This is probably the best solution, because you really shouldn't be using .htaccess unless you need to have a filesystem-based rule.

    B) Set up a series of rules using the RewriteCond to select between the various domains. (see here)
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    You can also specify global rewrite rules (if applicable), and add this line to all virtualhosts (after the "RewriteEngine On" directive):
    RewriteOptions Inherit

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