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    How to send Client Server details?


    I am reseller of

    I use WHMCS.

    Once a client orders the server, and i accept that order.
    How do i send the client, the details of servers.

    And how do i integrate that with WHMCS.
    Like whmcs section - My services to show the server details as well.


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    I'm not sure if you can automate the process, you might just need to manually enter in the details for each new client/server, then in the products/services section in WHMCS for that particular client/server send the dedicated server welcome email. For further clarification, I'm sure your provider would have more information on this.
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    Yes, Singlehop has a WHMCS module that will auto-provision servers upon purchase.
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    The SingleHop module won't provision servers, but allows clients to view the root password and bandwidth stats.
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    I think this addon will do it, NOC-PS dedicated server provisioning module:

    Requires that the server is connected to an APC remote power switch, Telejet Webresetter, or has an IPMI management card (also known as iLO, BMC, DRAC).

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    When you create the packages theres a option to select "Welcome E-mail", in the package creation options and you select what service the package is based on and then you select the welcome e-mail that will be sent to the client after setting up the order..
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    You can help WHMCS Documentation or you can knock WHMCS Support and also can help youtube video tutorial.
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