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    Question Xen 2 cores 256 mb ram v/s OpenVz 8 cores 512 ram wich VPS to choose?

    Hi there,

    I'm starting a new webapp project and I dont know wich of those two is better.

    This is my requirement:

    - No Control Panel at the moment, but maybe later I will install directadmin or webmin.

    - To run website built on Drupal 7
    - To run a webapp built in Django.
    - Email Server

    And all the stuff that every VPS should have. (firewall, ssh, mysql, apache etc)

    In the offers forums those VPS are at the same price:

    OpenVZ: $10.95
    Xen: $9.95

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    Quote Originally Posted by keiichitron View Post
    OpenVZ: $10.95
    Xen: $9.95
    Hard to say, how reliable are the companies offering them? How much overselling (if any) is being done? etc.

    Personally I'd go with Xen in most cases, but you probably need the 512MB RAM. - Reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting - Friendly Customer Service - DirectAdmin - cPanel - InterWorx

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    I Vote to Xen

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    You want to run django, d7, mysqld in 512MB plus directadmin?
    Largest offender being drupal?

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    Choosing a reputable provider instead of virtualization method will be a better bet.

    If they're both offered from the same company, I would rather go with Xen due to how OpenVZ currently manages memory -- that is until the new OpenVZ kernels are introduced and brought mainstream. Takes away all the mess of memory used vs allocated, burst, etc.

    Really looks promising:

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    I would suggest Xen 512, because Django and drupal is being used
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    It depends on what hardware the node is using and how well the server is managed. If both of them are managed well and running on good hardware, and OpenVZ isn't oversold, OpenVZ will outperform Xen every time.
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    I vote XEN just because it would save the fact that it be very noticeable if they where reselling, and the resources is dedicated to you (Dedicated Ram, SWAP), etc and most cases you have a much better service using XEN then OpenVZ.

    XEN is a great platform, and provides a very solid and reliable service. But it also depends on the provider/hosting company your going with.

    Do you mind providing them?

    But I still vote XEN. (And I'm a OpenVZ fan, but with my work been rolling out and doing well with xen and kvm i've came to enjoy and love xen. over openvz)

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    First glance, my vote goes to Xen.

    If you have extra ~$10 to spare, try both VPS out. Oversubscribed Xen server will perform poorer than moderate-subscribed OpenVZ server (or vice versa). It's really hard to tell from what you described.

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    Great feedback on this, thankyou!

    At this moment my Drupal 7 webapp is runing on a VS2 package at Knownhost, and so far everything is perfect with 768Mb RAM and Direct Admin, but at $40/mo.

    This new client wants this webapp on Django, but I have never deployed Django on a VPS so I don't have any experience on that, besides I can only spend $15/mo at max.

    I'm still loking at the offers forum for providers, if you can recomend a great Xen provider for that price?


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    No expert on django but the app I deployed using nginx + fastcgi takes around 20mb per process. I can pretty much fit LNMP + Django under 100MB without any issues at all. Then again, your app might be far more resource intensive. Until OpenVZ gets a proper memory accounting, I'd stick to KVM/Xen.

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    difficult to compare apple to apple in this case. solely depends on your judgment to justify the background of the company, hardware used, and application you intended to run.

    in term of virtualization technology, both are good. But the concern of overselling in openvz always exist. :: Cloud Hosting Reliable Xen VPS :: Serving Customer From More Than 40 Countries.
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    I also would be prefer Xen or XenHVM over OpenVZ if price and specifications are the same. But the reputation of the VPS webhosts is also very important and should be taken into consideration.

    As you don't mention the webhost or webhosts behind your selected offers it's difficult to determine which offer is more recommended. But you should definitely choose 512 MB RAM whether it's Xen or OpenVZ.

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