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    * Why cant i get a OP deleted....

    Aight this a vent x10 days ago in the dead of might i created a post on WHT my first ever advertising one.... well it seemed there was a font size error which was fine but i didnt notice in my origional thread alot of "mistakes" how ever due to a "moderator" editing my post i could no longer change it..... so i created ticket one which was quickly reponded to with

    For verification purposes, please report the thread using the big red REPORT button.


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    *** Ticket Status Note ***

    When I respond to a ticket, I typically close it. Closing it does not necessarily mean your issue is resolved. Simply responding to the ticket will automatically reopen the ticket and let me know that you've added additional information.
    So i did as per requested and well put in the report i needed the OP deleting and informing when i could repost a corrected version...... 3 days later and 2 additions to the ticket .... im still waiting with a OP still sitting on the forums which given how dead i was at the time i had left as a basic template of a post and waiting to be corrected

    IF THERE IS any moderators watching can you PLEASE get somone to check BOC-104526

    I watch review after review about web hosts not responding.... then this lol
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