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    Altering the default www directory (unsure how to word this properly).

    Hello everyone, and thank you in advance for your help. Sorry in advance if this is in the wrong forum...

    I need to assign a new 'default' folder/location as the primary web folder for a site I worked on. When working on this project, I couldn't remove the old files and I couldn't install the new (Wordpress) information into the same directory, or so I thought.

    As a stop-gap, I created redirects from the old root directory that takes customers to the new location.

    I'm hoping someone knows how to fix this. I'd hate to have to reinstall WP and redo the content.

    Lehigh Valley, PA

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    What webserver and OS are you using?
    Are you using any kind of "management" software like webmin etc..?

    or will you be making these changing via the command line / os directly?

    if its apache,
    Have a look in the httpd.conf file . There should ( near the top ) a line for the default www directory.
    ( in linux, it normally points to /var/www/html )
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    Yes, let's know the environment you're working with such as if you use hosting control panel or work on server directly etc.

  4. Usually, simply editing the DocumentRoot value of your httpd.conf file will do (as long as you are using Apache to host your content). The downside to this is that if you are using any control panel (cPanel, Plesk), chances are this file will be overwritten once you make any modifications inside the control panel so you'll be losing your changes. We can provide precise instructions however we need to know the exact control panel as well as the Web server being used. Cheers!
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