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    Web Design Package

    Have you guys heard of Kompozer? I am not wanting to pay for Dreamweaver any longer and this seems a suitable replacement. Just wondered if anyone else had used the package?

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    I have heard of Kompozer but it is no where near the level of Dreamweaver.

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    Yes i know about Kompozer. It's designed to be very easy to use. It is for the people who don't have good knowledge in HTML.

    Dreamweaver is fantastic, you should not compare with Kompozer.

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    use notepad ++

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    Quote Originally Posted by lost_wanderer View Post
    use notepad ++
    Yup +1 for that. If you want to code some good XHTML/CSS, don't use IDE. For me, I sometimes use Netbeans with PHP which includes css and Xhtml coding and is free.
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    You may want to check out NVU if you want free. Though nothing beats Adobe products!

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    I have been digging netbeans lately, but I usually either use Textmate or coda. The only time I use Dreamweaver is if I need to put together an html email.
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    I have been using Dreamweaver for long time...I have tried many editors but not satisfied...Because Dreamweaver is very customizable and user friendly not very simple and not very complex like others...I can say using softwares from adobe can solve allot web solutions....Starting form Photoshop illustrator Dreamweaver etc...If you know one software well you can easily interact with use that thing which is reliable and accepted internationally...

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    Here is no comparison between Kompozerand and Dreamweaver because Kompozerand is for beginner and Dreamweaver for experienced people, both both are useful ...

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    My favorite non-WYSIWYG is Crimson Editor and it's free. If you do have to use a WYSIWYG, Dreamweaver has come a long way and not many others can compare. As a developer, your tools are an investment as well as an asset for future development.
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    Ya, Kompozer is a better option for people having no or very little knowledge about the HTML text but its function is totally different from Dreamweaver. this is because Dreamweaver is used by experienced only.

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    yea thats true i will also voted for
    Dreamweaver is fantastic, you should not compare with Kompozer.

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    i also like dream weaver it is very good and also friendly user as well

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    I have yet to hear of a better option other than Dreamweaver. I may not be the best authority since my coding skills are weak but, Dreamweaver seemed to be the way to go.

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    If you want a free tool try Komodo Edit.

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