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    Can I manage multiple domains/websites on the same cPanel user?

    I have a VPS, I'm pretty sure I have only 1 IP address.
    Anyway, until today I used only 1 domain, 1 website.
    Today I got 2 other domains, for a new websites.

    Can I use 1 cPanel user to manage all of them? or I must create a different cPanel for every one of them?


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    Yes, you can.

    Add it as an "addon domain" in cPanel.

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    Thank you! (:

    BTW, to use addon domains I needed to enable that in WHM->Account Functions->Modify an Account.

    And I also needed to remove these domains from WHM->DNS Functions->Delete a DNS Zone, because I tried to add them there before, and it didn't let me use them also as addon domains.

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    Nice one thanks

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    If you have a vps then why do you want to work with adon domains while you have a facility to create separate accounts. So, go to whm and create other cpanel that will be very easy to manage separate domains as compared to adon domains.
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    Sure you can! With the help of add-on domains like the others said here. I find it better too so I can access the files with my ftp client easily

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