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    Issue with 123systems

    Hi, I thought I will come and share my experience here, since this isn't the first day 123systems makes me stressed and frustrated.

    Some time ago I signed up with them and intended my VPS for personal web server, as I was working on a new website it was good to develop on. The VPS seemed fine and stable. Since then I thought 123systems were a fair provider, had no issues with them whatsoever.
    Then I bought another VPS for a game-server (CoD server to be specific), I then ran the server and surprisingly the VPS underperformed and the server lagged. I tried upgrading the VPS, but that didn't help. So I thought the server isn't suitable for me, I will try and get a Refund.. I posted a ticket requesting a refund, got no reply for 2 days.
    Then I noticed that my VPS has lost it's uptime and has been restarted, which indicated that the node got a restart and maybe something changed.
    I tried running the server again, and it ran without lag, so then I cancelled my refund because it was just as I wanted.
    Then after few days I decided to host more servers, and so I ordered couple more VPS's (they were on a different node now), at first they seemed to run fine, but then the second daythey were slow, laggy.. I've set up a CoD server on it soon found that it underperformed big time.

    I then contacted their support asking them kindly to check if there are any issues with their node, shockingly their support was rude and not helpful at all.

    It turned out that they wanted me to move on and I wanted that too, since I got nothing but laggy VPS's that are completely useless to me. They said they will provide me with a Refund, so I immediatly opened the ticket to Billing department as requested, and I am still waiting for a response.. 2+ days has passed and nothing.

    In my eyes as of now, they oversell and overload their servers, or they just don't take care of them and they end up being full of abusive clients. I don't know if people torrent on them all the time or download, but network speeds are slower than my home internet at times, and I've got 10/1.

    Conclusion, 123systems are definitely a no go for someone that is seeking for quality, last few days all they did is frustrate me and didn't let me go on my way as suggested. Excuse my language at times, but I really am frustrated.

    When I contacted their support I felt as if it's my problem their VPS is bad, I got attacked immediately in a way that no one should talk to with their clients, I was shocked at their attitude.

    I would like to share the ticket with you:

    P.S main reason I'm posting at wht is because I've run out of faith, and I don't feel like they're going to reply to me at all.

    Thank you for reading.

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    I used to have a few VPSs with them, all diff node. They really are a hit or miss. I now only have one left that performs w/ acceptable speed.

    Sorry to hear what happened. They are cheap, budget... get what you paid for.

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    I thought the support guy and the billing guy were the same person, they only have one employee don't day?? :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Invius View Post
    I thought the support guy and the billing guy were the same person, they only have one employee don't day?? :3
    I'm not sure.
    I have received the refund, finally, happy I did.

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    It's sad to hear that,
    Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    So you move to where now?

  6. #6 - so far so good, good support, fast servers.

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