We are offering dedicated servers located inside the datacenters of OVH SAS (France; Paris / Roubaix).
With currently over 90.000 dedicated servers it's certainly one of the biggest players within the European market.
We came up with a special promotion, which will let you experience all the futures that'll come with the server for an exceptionally low price.
This will include: Manager access for OS reloads, reboots, vKVM, Rescue-pro, Win-rescue, server monitoring, IP Load Balancing, 100GB Secured FTP Backup and more...

ปปป GS KM1000 ซซซ
Intelฎ Quad Core™ CPU Q6600 @ 2.40 GHz
Full-Duplex 100/100Mbps Switch Port - 3TB Bandwidth!
(If you exceed 3 TB / month the connection will be limited to 10 Mbps)
1 IPv4 address; /64 IPv6
Our price Only € 49.99!!
+ FREE SETUP, normally € 49.95
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Additional IPs:
Failover IP: € 1.00 EUR p/month

Server Addons:
500GB USB 2.0 Disk 7200RPM: € 10.00 EUR Monthly + € 35.00 Setup Fee
Cisco ASA 5505 firewall: € 25.00 EUR Monthly + € 175.00 Setup Fee
KVM over IP: € 25.00 EUR Monthly + € 175.00 Setup Fee

Control Panels:
Direct Admin Unlimited Domains: € 12.00 EUR p/month
cPanel Unlimited Domains: € 27.00 EUR p/month
Plesk Unlimited Domains: € 27.00 EUR p/month

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*This offer is valid until stock lasts.