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    Page-Zone won't communicate...why???

    For the past 6 weeks now one of my commercial websites hosted on Server 4 at Page Zone has been down. It reverts to a Google Search result, I have no CPanel or WHM access, mail doesn't work and despite numerous submission of tickets, leaving messages on the online chat, when they are never online has resulted in nothing. Not a comment, reason or anything. At the very least I would like the back-up files I have regularly kept on the server or if the server has changed the courtesy to advise me so I can change the DNS. Does anyone here know anything about this? I Jim Snape still running the show..... I would really like to know if I am the only one in this position. thanks

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    Don't know whether it's a working number,
    but did you already try to contact them via
    their phone number listed in the whois?


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    It sounds as though the number is disconnected or permanently joy there either. thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by plato2 View Post
    It sounds as though the number is disconnected or permanently joy there either. thanks
    i know none of the stuff below is what you want to hear but if your site's been down for 6 weeks then it may be the reality.

    might be time to move on and call it a bad joke then if you can't get any response and their phone number doesn't work

    if the server's ip's had changed then the Dns would resolve to the new ip's automatically (unless you have your nameservers set to point somewhere other than them)

    the file backups you stored on the server should have been downloaded and stored somewhere else in a safe place (even if they keep offsite/off server backups)

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    You should switch hosts as soon as possible.
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    Old news. There have been several threads on Look in the Reseller section.

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    Get a new service and upload the website urgently...

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