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    WHMCS & ResllerClub - Hosting


    I was just wondering if anyone had every linked WHMCS directly to ResellerClub to sell hosting?

    I know it would be possible to set it all up in WHMCS to sell hosting and then manually put the orders through ResellerClub... But I would like it to be instantaneous. So if I buy a hosting package on (powered by WHMCS) it then sends it all over to ResellerClub which setups the hosting and then WHMCS sends out the welcome emails etc.

    I know domains are instantaneous, just wondering if hosting could be too!

    So does anyone have this setup, or is it standard in WHMCS to automate this task?

    And rather than creating a new topic, anyone got any experience with ResellerClub and could rate them?


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    Look at the community add on section on whmcs, there is a add-on available for the same.

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