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    TehWebz is hiring sales representatives


    I would like to offer a job as sales representative for our hosting company TehWebz. You will try to sell our VPS packages to every potential client out there. We offer you a commission based on the type of package you sell.

    Needed skills:

    - Motivation
    - Persistance
    - Professional attitude
    - Marketing
    - VPS knowledge or willing to study about it.

    These are our prices and your commison on each package:

    VPS 1: 14,99$ -- your commission: 8,50$
    VPS 2: 24,99$ -- your commission: 13,00$
    VPS 3: 34,99$ -- your commission: 17,00$
    VPS 4: 44,99$ -- your commission: 21,00$

    We will be relaunching our VPS 5 & 6 package pretty soon, which will have a commission arround 25-35$.

    If you sell 30 packages within 1 month, we offer you a 50$ bonus.

    You will receive an unique link when you join our team. We can keep track of every package you sell, and we pay you out immediatly. This is a great way to start earning some money for any kind of project you have in mind. Also, there is no risk involved and you receive a decent commission.

    If you would have any interest in this job, please reply in this topic or send me a PM.


    Co-owner of TehWebz
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    Because of your post, you are unable to receive/send PM at WHT.
    Anyway, I saw your site and the package deals is totally different.
    Please post the real prices.

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    We are currently switching to a quality server advised from WHT. The prices will be updated by the end of the day. We will offer a 1gbps server, and the prices listed in this thread are correct.



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    Quote Originally Posted by HostPEnda View Post
    all of your "buy now" links, fail. GJ
    Hey HostPEnda,

    We have transfered to a 1gbps server over the weekend, we gave priority to transfering our clients to the new server. Our website has been updated and everything should be working.

    Update on Prices:

    VPS 1: our price: $ 12,99 -- your commission: $ 6,00
    VPS 2: our price: $ 22,99 -- your commission: $ 11,00
    VPS 3: our price: $ 34,99 -- your commission: $ 17,00
    VPS 4: our price: $ 44,99 -- your commission: $ 21,00
    VPS 5: our price: $ 74,99 -- your commission: $ 28,00
    VPS 6: our price: $ 149,99 -- your commission: $ 57,00

    We're selling 1gbps VPS packages now, have a look at

    We're still interested in finding more affiliates, if you'd like to have a talk with us first, add me on Skype: dries.meerschaert


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