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    CityNetHost Massive Problems Part 3

    Again, their whole website is offline, all VPS cant be reached (timeout) their whole network broke again.
    This is the 3rd time during 1,5 Months, this isnt acceptable at all.

    Is there any other Egyptian hoster i can go with? These problems are more than enough, looking for a new hoster.

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    Khaled is working on a new node. He ordered already the new hardware and it's getting shipped.

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    ISP outage not from our end you can check uptime when it's back as simple as a traceroute would tell you it's out before it reaches us

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    back online again

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    Mh, I can't reach my VPS and it's stated as offline in SolusVM.

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    I'ts up again.

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    Its down again!

    It's not just you! looks down from here.

    Check another site?

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    # uptime 12:08:29 up  4:49,  1 user,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00

    = Back online! ★ Budget VPS Stock List & Comparison Table!

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    Its still laggy as s***

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    My VPS got a uptime of 7:10. That means it crashed on node 21 today. Khaled moved me because only node 18 got heavy problems and now this.

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    Just to show you the truth :

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    Quote Originally Posted by fLoo View Post
    Just to show you the truth :
    omfg looks like it doesn't care wich node you are
    wonder how can you sleep at night with all that vps's there? ★ Budget VPS Stock List & Comparison Table!

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    All Servers online - Node 15 broken again ..

    This seems to be a neverending story.

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    Did you reach Khaled?

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    Yes, he told me it was another "power failure".
    To sum this up:

    We had 3 power failures during 1 month
    We had 2 network disconnections because of LinkDotNet (Carrier)
    We had 1 node restart because of whatever

    #1 Company!

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    and you did not consider to move your vps's away? i promise this will not be the last downtime! ★ Budget VPS Stock List & Comparison Table!

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    As i said before, still looking for a Romanian / Egypt VPS Hoster.

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    Both in the same DC in Romania (Cluj-Napoca), very good reputation.

    Egypt for cheap or even expensive prices is next to impossible, Citynethost is the only ISP providing VPS servers.

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    Also in Bucharest. Been reliable for us for the past few months

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