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    Mail Server Software

    Hi all,

    We are playing to work on some new server setups and looking for a free mail server management software to be able to take control over all webmail services such as:

    • Creating customer accounts to create email address accounts
    • Allow to use webmail clients such as horde
    • Would be great if fully free
    • Linux CentOS based

    Does anyone know of any server software that can handle this job?


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    Would you not just install Kloxo (FREE) or CPanel (paid) which can setup Exim and Horde/Roundcube etc?
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    Try Zimbra Open Source version
    Prashant T.

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    @CyberHostPro this would be fine but we wanted to give certain clients access to a webmail only manager not a full control panel just to handle mail. We do already have both cPanel & Kloxo servers but a bit overkill for just mail.

    @prashant1979 will have a look at that one

    Cheers! and anyone have any others please do share

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    +1 for Zimbra. Also provided much better interface than Roundcube or Horde, but you can still use them
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    If you have to use linux, Zimbra is good choice. there would be more options if you manage a windows server.

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    +1 for Zimbara. Its a very good choice at this moment.

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    @Lincxu we would be happy to go with a Windows based service if required, do you have any recommendations for Windows based webmail solutions?

    Cheers everyone!

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    Have you taken a peek at SmarterMail? It might be able to do what you need.

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