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    Angry Lightbox 2 Using Dream Weaver

    Hi Guys,

    I use dream weaver for the Lightbox 2 and everything was a success in creating an "index.html".

    My problem now is how to post that index.html in my wordpress blog.

    Can anyone teach me how to do it? Please

    Thank you!

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    You would need to open up your template file, depending which page you want it on. So if you want to use lightbox on a post page find the file at /wp-content/themes/your-template-name-here/single.php.

    In that file install all of the required JS/CSS as you did in your index.html file. Then when you want to use the lightbox, throw the rel attribute on any links. You'll be able to use it on any post page.

    If you want to use it on other pages then open up the other files in the same folder as single.php and insert the code again

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    I can't really figure it out with your instructions.

    I did use dream weaver and in there i put the code of lightbox 2.I put some photo and thumbnails.To make sure that my work is working i press f12 and it works.Now, I save that code to the folder where other folder of lightbox is there as well.And save the file name with index.html.Now my problem is where to put that index.html.

    Some say that I will use ftp. but in what folder.

    Thanks a lot to your reply.

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    Follow my initial instructions, that will install the LightBox on the pages you need it (make sure to include the LightBox includes in page.php in that folder).

    Then login to the wordpress admin area and create a new page, paste in the page content and voila!

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    it will open to a new window.I don't know why?

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    Now, I got it.thanks for the time sir.

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    No problem, enjoy

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