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    Hello everybody!

    I joined web hosting talk today, as I have been lurking for a while, being a web developer and also managing my own inhouse servers for a while, being a bit of a Linux geek.

    As my customers have always asked for my recommendation on hosting providers, I was considering getting my own dedicated server and providing hosting that way, but then 'discovered' reselling, which frankly seems an easier way of achieving the same end, i.e. I choose the product and I support my clients, and they are happy.

    Anyway, I though it was time to join WHT for the honest reason, that if I manage to write some sensible responses to peoples queries, in 7 days time I may be able to promote my reseller hosting in the advertising section. Which seems a reasonable deal to me.

    So I'm off to find some forum posts that I can seriously help on.

    Best regards, Alan

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    Hello alcaeus, welcome. Enjoy your visits.

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    Hello everyone,I am Jacob Henry. I am a new member here. Thanks for sharing this thread.

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