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    Hi, I am new to WebHostTalk, this being my first post.


    Being a (UK based )web developer, I set up my reselling, as I was often being asked by my clients (especially when they were on overloaded servers is the US) what hosting company I would recommend.

    Forunately, the hosting company I like the most and have my own sites on have a hosting reselling plan, although it isn't highly developed and commercialised, i.e. there is no front end shop etc or direct customer support, or domain name reselling, but of course that suits me.

    So my basic business model is to sell to my own clients as and when they need alternative hosting, on the basis they know and trust my advice and support.


    1. In the experience of other resellers, is it worth trying to grow this type of business by obtaining 'search only/mass public' clients, i.e. promote via SEO & PPC, there seems to me a massive amount of competition?

    2. If going for 'search only/mass public' clients, how important is domain name reselling (my guess is many web newbies search for a domain service, and when they register they sign up for hosting with the same company - so my guess is domains are important, but is that your experience?)

    3. If domain reselling is important, as per my guess, who are the best domain name resellers for the UK?(obviously I could use enom for the .com but their pricing for .uk is not competitive with the likes of 123-Reg etc)

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    123-Reg are very competitive for .UK domains but that's it really all other TLDs their just standard.

    I've read your thread, is it a Reseller Package your looking for? i didn't quite get what it is your after?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CyberHostPro View Post
    i didn't quite get what it is your after?
    Apologies, let me clarify, I already have a hosting reseller package integrated to my website.

    What I am considering is adding the functionality to (re)sell domains along side the hosting packages that I (re)sell.

    I have researched domain name resellers and the main ones seem to be opensrs & enom, however their wholesale prices for are not competitive with the UK leaders e.g.

    There are 2 domain name only reseller packages that appear at the top of google / PPC, heartinternet, fasthosts. I'm not interested in reselling their hosting, but I am interested if anyone has experience of there domain name reselling accounts (or similar)

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