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    Server refused our keys? Any solutions?

    I tried to use SSH keys to login, but it gave me the error message.

    I totally, totally followed the instruction of Linode.
    scp ~/.ssh/ [email protected]:/home/user/.ssh/
    ssh [email protected] "cat ~/.ssh/ >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys"
    I replaced user with my own, the with my hostname(plato). Then I downloaded the private key and import to Puttygen, then saved.

    Now I connect it using the key, it will say, server refused our keys.

    The log from PuTTY is:
    Event Log: Server refused public key
    The system log (var/log/secure) says:
    Authentication refused: bad ownership or modes for file /home/gouknet1/.ssh/authorized_keys
    Then I chmod to 700, it does not work.

    Asking for Linode' help will simply give you something like this:
    If you are still coming up empty your best course of action would be to reach out to the Linode active user community for assistance. The community is full of fellow Linode customers many of which are seasoned IT consultants and administrators. You can find out more about the community here:


    If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact us.
    I am gonna write a review about linode's support later. Simply not the choice for users moved from shared hosting.

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    Finally, I resolved that, after reading here:

    However •add the pub key to the authorized_keys file I used:
    $ scp hostname1:/home/username/.ssh/authorized_keys

    the cat one returns an error.

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    Great you got it fixed Thanks for sharing the solution.
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