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    How many of you support or use Outlook?

    Hi, how many of you use MS Outlook as mail client or do you provide Outlook support to your customers?

    What do you use Outlook for? Do you use it as Ticket support system?

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    I use web based mail clients for daily usage. I do give Outlook support to my customers (few of them use it).
    For ticket support system, I use WHMCS daily.
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    MS Outlook is also good but I use WHMCS, it has wide range of wonderful add-ons to add extra features. It is very good for client management, billing & support system for online businesses.

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    I am hooked on OutLook; I use it at work and at home.

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    I used to use Outlook but as of about 2 years ago I have fully migrated to Gmail, I still offer Outlook to my clients. As for ticketing system we use a combo of gmail and whmcs.

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    Well, for customer support, we use Kayako.
    But for personal use, I use Gmail + Mac OS X Mail client.
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    Outlook rules all. really. - WordPress for all of us

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    We are also using outlook for our mail traffic - Online in no time
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    I no longer use outlook..

    I've been stuck with my Gmail account and I can't change from it for personals at home, but at work we still have some thing's setup via outlook, with most of it being transitioned over to web-based services/solutions.

    We actually, even use Gmail for one our mail servers even at our offices but for a little'r project.

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    Personal use = Gmail!
    For support tickets etc, I just stick to WHMCS

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    I use Outlook just because I have so many different emails to keep an eye on - having them all in one place just makes it easier.

    However, I do have my personal accounts on Gmail.

    For support tickets - WHMCS is used most often.

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    Sorry for not checking in on my own thread. I was busy working on a Outlook 2010 add-ins for a client. The reason that I'm posting this thread is I would like to make a Outlook 2010 add-ins that target web hosting companies that use Outlook.

    What features do you think is missing in Outlook 2010 that might help you in webhosting?

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    We have migrated all desktops here to Outlook 2010
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    Quote Originally Posted by daviolinist12 View Post
    I use Outlook just because I have so many different emails to keep an eye on - having them all in one place just makes it easier.
    Same here, but thats probably the only reason.

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve-Hostirian View Post
    We have migrated all desktops here to Outlook 2010
    How did you find the migration process? I found Outlook 2010 quite a pain when moving from either 03 or 07. In the past it has been as simple as copying the PST file but I have had nothing but problems with 2010. If its not just me an assistant add-in would be useful, although that's not really just for web hosts.

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    Have not used outlook in probably 7 years. Just use corporate mail now.

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    We offer support for Outlook. We offer integration for each hosted site. This allows us to offload the email support, provides unlimited storage along with Skydrive, etc....

    TJ Havens

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    I use Thunderbird myself personally for my day-to-day email. We do provide outlook support via the default cPanel setup, but nothing special. As far as ticket system goes, we mainly stick with our all-in-one solution WHMCS.
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    I have all of my email, personal or otherwise, come into Thunderbird but reply to tickets in WHMCS. I don't remember the last time I've used Outlook. Maybe 4 years?

    I don't remember my experience that well from when i used it last though.

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    Ticket support system - WHMCS

    Email client I use OS Xs native Mail app, works perfectly

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    This thread was originally from June of 2011. Did xotj123 resurrect this thread just to plug his/her own integration services?
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