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    Need advice prior to gettinga VPS

    I have a few problems.

    First thing is i need to move an established website from one server to a VPS, thats no problem, in fact ive decided to go with knownSRV.

    So the website that we are moving, is a photo and file sharing service.

    Second issue is that we have another domain name (site is under construction) and that site will be used to host free forums -> now while that site is still being built, we decided to reserve the domain name and also we took up a server with hostgator -> I like to think big, but i have made a mistake as i chose a reseller account, when im clearly not ready for that kind of space and usage.

    To FURTHER compound the problem, i have another domain name, with which is meant to be used to be a web hosting service offering cpanel and fantastico. (we can change this to kloxo and installapps as i believe its comparable to cpanel and fantastico??)

    The original concept (before we started) was to have one domain name and it would do all of it. However, i now have 3 domain names.

    If i take up a VPS, can i EASILY setup so that it can host more then 1 domain name? Ive read the instrustions on how to do it with apache, and ill be honest, its over my head.

    What i need to know is BEFORE i buy another server, and another problem is there special software i should look at getting? or should i look at reseller VPS? Im the first to admit that i should just throw in the towel and go home.
    When getting a VPS to do photo hosting, file hosting, webspace hosting, forum hosting, what software services do i need?

    I will admit that i have done it all wrong, but right now im looking at 3 pathetic sites, and once i take a VPS to move this existing photohosting site, im looking at 3 servers, costing $70 USD per month. I wouldnt mind the cost if all 3 websites were running.

    One reason why theres 2 reseller accounts with hostgator is that i had one person guarantee me that they would work on one domain, and i have someone working on the other, It seemed like a good way to handle the admin of the servers, its proving to be a costly mistake

    The last and final question/problem is that 2 of my domain names were registered with hostgator -> does this mean that i own them or that they own them? will this be a problem when moving servers?

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    Get a managed VPS with a control panel (cPanel, DirectAdmin, Kloxo or something else depending on your preference and budget). The panel will have all the applications you need for hosting pre-installed and will give you an easy web interface to add domains, setup email etc. The provider's management service is needed to take care of regular maintenance and any emergencies.

    You can host as many sites as you like on this while they're small and not too busy, but free services can grow quickly so be prepared to upgrade the VPS and / or move some sites to their own separate dedicated server if they start to bring in a lot of traffic and overload your VPS. You might want to consider these higher future costs at an early stage and how you'll monetize the sites to pay for them.

    Keeping three such different websites on their own individual domain names is a very good idea. Whether they're hosted on one machine or several is simply a matter of practicality.

    You'll need to talk to HG about your domain registrations but as long as they weren't given to you free as part of a hosting package, you should be ok to cancel the hosting and keep the domains (or move them to another registrar if you prefer). If you did get them "free" with hosting you should expect to pay the real price of registration when you cancel the hosting, but at around $10 or $20 per year it shouldn't break the bank.
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