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    Need 4 banners for wordpress slider

    I need 4 banners made up for our company site. The site is in wordpress and uses sliders, to slide in the banners/images.

    here are the specs:

    4 Banners
    Size: 940x430
    Each banner consists of 2 images
    Image 1: Background image
    Image 2: transparent background with wording

    Here is an example:

    The company site is a IT support company (url:
    You can find my horrible attempt at the banner there lol

    I need these within the next 24 hours.
    Reply or email with your bid.

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    Hello ,

    So much thanks for reading this!

    In a chance to present us...and our chance to offer you our extended service, we are happy to entitle that we have gone through the initial details, as mentioned. We are coming to show you a 4 Banners
    Size: 940x430 for your valuable insights.

    The cost for 4 banner @ 50 USD only.

    Please do let me know after complete the banner where should send you the update.

    During the process of design please be with us so that we can show you a mockup layout depending upon your initial requirements. Once you see the layout, let us have the opportunity what we can do for you.


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    I can do 4 banners for 25 USD. Please let me know if this is still available. Thanks! I will PM you the portfolio, if needed.

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    I can make for you professional and really good banners. Please, e-mail me and we will discuss all details.

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