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    force ssl on back-end panel - pros and cons?


    a. I see I have an option to choose forcing ssl in the back-end panel of magento (e-commerce), its not enabled by default so I'm sure there are sides that I don't understand right now.

    What are the pros and cons for this options?

    b. Next month I need to re-active the ssl certification and GoDaddy offers 2 kinds of certifications, regular for 50$ and an "enhanced" one that they advice for e-commerce, for 100$.
    I don't mind to pay the extra 50 $ a year, I just don't understand what is the different and what they "give" me for this price, the certificate isn't manage/create the encryption so I believe technically the security will be the same. Right?

    Thank you!

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    Pro's - looks more professional
    con's may make your site run a little slower.

    As for SSL certs, you can get them a lot cheaper than 50 USD, but then again it depends on what you want from it, I assume a seal to proof to customers you have a SSL cert ?


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    pros: you're doing e-commerce if you're not enforcing 100% ssl you have issues

    cons: none

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    Quote Originally Posted by quantumphysics View Post
    pros: you're doing e-commerce if you're not enforcing 100% ssl you have issues

    cons: none
    Do you think I should/can force SSL in every product/regular page in my e-commerce? because right now I think the only "front-end" encrypted page is the checkout process.


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    any page requested while being logged in should probably be https'd, cookies should be secureonly, etc..

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