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    High Resource Usage on Shared Hosting

    I have a video download site which consists of only .html files and .wmv videos. There are about 25 video files which can be downloaded to users pc by clicking links on the html files (direct download, no streaming). The sizes of the video files vary from 50 MB to 300 MB. I started the site more than one year ago on a shared hosting account. Everything was going fine and I never reached the bandwidth quota. Last month my hosting provider suspended my account. The email is as follows:

    "It has came to our attention that account ****** has been consuming high HTTP usage of the server and causing stability and speed issues. After much consideration, it is deemed not suitable to be hosted under a shared environment. Please understand that we need to ensure that the resources are always available to all customers and not abused by any account. You may consider upgrading to a VPS, or move to another host that can accommodate your web site."

    I had just renewed the account. So I asked for refund and I got it without delay. I moved to another shared host but after 2 weeks they disabled the folder which contained the video files. The technical support said that the video files are causing high load to the server. But I used only 20% of the bandwidth allocated for the month. I always thought that one day my site will get more visitors and the site will exceed the data transfer limit. But far before that it crossed the resource usage limit.

    Now my question is, can direct downloads of files of the specified sizes use so high resource that the hosting providers suspended my account?
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    If you literally do just have 100% static documents and no dynamic content at all on your site, then it's doubtful you're causing a high load on the system at all. The provider is probably just suspending you because you're using more bandwidth than they afford for you to use at the price you're paying.

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    You are right. The prices of both the hosting accounts are very cheap. There is a very common saying I saw here: "you get what you pay for".

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    Please, tell us which web hosting it is so we can also decide sign up or not with them. If you have never reached the bandwidth quota and the hosting company invited you for upgrading or leaving, it might be worth to let us know its name.

    I do understand that for all our sakes a hosting company needs to be 'resource conscious'. Sometimes a company is not flexible enough, sometimes it is... I don't know what exactly is going on with this company, but I'd appreciate knowing which company it is and the plan you signed up with, if you don't mind telling, of course.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ronok View Post
    "you get what you pay for".
    Sure. It's worth to read the TOS as well. Anyway we SHOULD get what a company stated we WOULD get... Who decided about the prices and what would be included within that price range was the company - Not you or me. So, if a company states you're going to get 2Tb of bandwidth quota for $2, the company should deliver it. So, "you get what you pay for" may also be understood considering what I'm telling...

    Just bear in mind, I'm asking for a name and plan, not to blame anyone, but to decide where to put my/our feet or not.
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    Try a provider like DreamHost or Hostgator.

    How much was your bandwidth usage anyways with both hosts before your account was suspended or files disabled?

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    The cheap/budget hosts need to oversell their services to come close to breaking even. Most customers will not use any resources, those that do it is easier to close the account and tell you to move on so they can in turn load a bunch more "non" users. Just the way it works. Try going with a hosting company that has been around awhile and has good reviews. the saying is very true as mentioned above, You get what you pay for. Want to continue building your site without troubles then you might have to pay a few extra dollars to get the service level you need. If you plan on growing fast then I would recommend a small VPS. Then you are setup on your own dedicated resources and can grow the server as your sites usage grows. Better then going to bed and waking up to your site being deleted, again.

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    Out of interest, what bandwidth were you using in a typical month?

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    So bandwidth would be the actual problem, if your videos are being downloaded by many people at the same time, it will absolutely affect other websites on shared environment.

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    Previously I was with and was allocated 100 GB transfer per month. The hosting I currently use is They state 'unlimited bandwidth' in their frontpage but shows a limit of 100 GB transfer after logging in cpanel. I am posting a screenshot of the cpanel where at the right bottom corner you can see the disk space and bandwidth usage of current month.

    They are one of the cheapest hosting providers. The reason for choosing them is that my site is totally a non profit site and I do not generate any revenue from it. Therefore, my budget was low. But if the problem persists I have to increase my budget and choose another host.

    The screenshot is in attachment.
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    Hello Ronok,

    Aside from the statements you received, were you provided with any form of evidence or proof from either host backing their claims? Such as a screen cap of your site being a resource hog in terms of CPU usage etc. In regards to your bandwidth usage of 100GB/mth I don't believe this is much. The reason I say that is, the cost for Bandwidth is not what it used to be 5-7 years ago where Power is a major cost factor.

    However, after visiting both company sites I noticed they're both $1/mth where one host offers 100GB and the other advertises unlimited as you mentioned earlier. If you have some room to play with your budget a bit and increase it from $1/mth to something a little more reasonable $3-$6/mth you should be able to find a host that will be able to accommodate your requirements.
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    No, they did not provide any screenshot.

    Hostso has enabled my account upon request and advised me not to use much resource. However, I am now clear through this forum post that it was not regarding CPU but only bandwidth. Obviously, the '100 GB' statemanet is a gimmick. So next time upon suspension of my account I will move away without any doubt, with an increased budget to another host who can really give that much bandwidth.

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    I agree with above poster, spend a few more dollars and you should be good to go.

    I've determined that putting in hard limits and allowing our customers to use 100% of those limits, is much better than having an imaginary limit and then suddenly having your host cut you off.

    I make sure the customer gets 100% of what they paid for, and it's spelled out clearly. Good luck with your next choice.
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    I suppose that your video files made your web hosting provider think that all troubles on the server happened because of you without any investigation.
    Perhaps you can contact them directly and explain that you did not stream.

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    However, I am now clear through this forum post that it was not regarding CPU but only bandwidth. Obviously, the '100 GB' statemanet is a gimmick.
    Actually, it may be more subtle. They may be willing to give you 100GB a month. The problem is how much of the available bandwidth you are using at any given moment.

    A video file takes several minutes to download. Say you have 10 visitors to your site, each downloading a video at the same time. If they are on an 8Mb connection at home, they are using 80Mb between them. If the available bandwidth to that shared server is only 100Mb, that only leaves 20Mb of download / upload speed for all the other customers.

    So the issue may be the speed of the connection to the shared server. I would definitely, before signing on with any other host, ask them what connection speed they have.

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    you should on filesonic, megaupload
    shared hosting so weak , i suggest using hostlunar as my blog :

    this hosting can support 1000 visitor per day

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    You should have some kind of traffic report in hosting control panel. you can find out how much your website is actually using. if it's really too high, you will need higher hosting plans..

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    Switch to an Adult host

    Find an "adult host," even though you are probably not hosting any adult content, they are setup to handle large video files and have enough bandwidth and resources to handle these types of files or really any large amount of data.

    That should be the answer to your problems.

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    Your host probably has fine print in your TOS that limits your amount of server resources and you are on servers that can't handle it.
    We have a design firm that does mainly churches sites with their video messages as well who hosts his customers with us as) and an amazing graphic computer artist with samples of his work on his site (high def stuff-some you would recognize from movies, games, or commercials).
    We have never had any problems with any of them.

    I don't know, maybe it's something about your files and when people are downloading too much at once so maybe we couldn't handle a site like yours either but you may just be on "you get what you pay for" as said above--cheap hosts and their equipment can't handle it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WireNine View Post
    Try a provider like DreamHost or Hostgator.

    How much was your bandwidth usage anyways with both hosts before your account was suspended or files disabled?
    Dreamhost, haven't heard that name in a LONG time. Anycase I personally would read their status site first, before putting your site in their hands. It's both comical and entertaining, and they ALWAYS seem to be having issues.

    I found this status update particularly interesting, and the fact they have 250+ VPS's on a single server.

    Now it isn't fair to judge, since they obviously don't list the specs. But something to consider
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