Why Proaxxs?

Proaxxs provides high quality technical support services to web hosting companies around the world.
If you are in need of professional, experienced, trustworthy staff to handle your admin tasks, Proaxxs is here to help.

We started in the web hosting business in 1999, as a spin-off from a 20+ year consumer electronics business.
So needless to say, we do know this business from hosting to dedicated servers to outsourced support services.
You could say we have been around the block a few times and know how it works and what is expected.

We’ve been there, done that - We have used in-house, outsourced, and remote techs over the years ourselves,
and quite frankly could not quite find the right mix. We have used some of the low priced services, high priced services,
so-called largest, oldest, and self-proclaimed best SMC's, and we didn't see much difference in service between most,
with the exception of the "cheap" SMC's, which failed us in most cases. These may be good for some, but they did not
live up to our expectations. We have our own full time techs that are ready and eager to help you in any way possible!

We have a plan for just about anyone, including hourly admin work, web hosting resellers, dedicated resellers, vps owners,
providers, plus semi-dedicated teams. If you don’t see what you want, please contact sales.

High quality, efficient service - If you are looking for someone to take care of your servers, we can do that in
the most efficient way. Our expert techs can take care of your servers and/or tickets efficiently. For outsourced support,
we can use your own helpdesk to take care of your ticket needs. The replies will appear as if it comes from your support
department. Our team provides Level 1 to Level 3 support via your helpdesk online system 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

We Care – We manage our client’s servers like they are our own. We are very strict in selecting and keeping techs on board.
If necessary, we will remove or replace a tech that we feel, or our clients feel, are not doing a good job. We have a
no-nonsense approach to this, so you can rest assured, you will be in good hands at all times. I'm not saying we are
perfect, but we will promptly do everything we can to correct any issue.

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Server Management Packages

Basic Admin (cpanel) – see plans
$20.30/mo - $18.20/mo quarterly - $16.10/mo semi-annual - $13.30/mo annually

Full Admin (cpanel) – see plans
$34.30/mo - $31.50/mo quarterly - $27.30/mo semi-annual - $23.80/mo annually

Complete Admin (cpanel) – see plans
$48.30/mo - $39.20/mo quarterly - $38.50/mo semi-annual - $27.30/mo annually

Premium Admin (cpanel) – see plans
$97.30/mo - $87.50/mo quarterly - $77/mo semi-annual - $69.30/mo annually
Our Premium Admin plan includes end-user support - We will use your own helpdesk to
take care of your ticket needs. The replies will appear as if it comes from your support department.

*non cPanel management +10/mo

LIMITED TIME OFFER – Use Coupon Code “AM30DEAL” for WHT Discount

VPS Management Packages - New Expanded Service - Includes Unlimited Admin Time

VPS Lite Support – see plans
$20.30/mo - $18.20/mo quarterly - $16.10/mo semi-annual - $13.30/mo annually

VPS Pro Support – see plans
$27.30/mo - $24.50/mo quarterly - $21.70/mo semi-annual - $18.90/mo annually

VPS Provider Management – see plans
$34.30/mo - $32.90/mo quarterly - $30.80/mo semi-annual - $27.30/mo annually

These offers are valid for new clients only and can not be used with any other offer


Outsourced Support:

  • Per Server Plan
  • After Hours Support
  • VPS Provider Support
  • VPS Owner Support
  • Starter Support
  • Monthly Per Ticket Support
  • see all outsourced plans

OS SUPPORTED: CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat Linux, FreeBSD
CONTROL PANELS SUPPORTED: cPanel/WHM, Plesk, Direct Admin, Kloxo, Webmin


Offer Extended to June 18, 2011
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