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    HELP Need VPS hosting suggestions

    New to vps and need the following

    I need the following in a unmanaged server - lower end as I want this for my own personel proxes.... Having a hard time finding a good host

    Unless someone else knows how to make your own personal Proxy's

    ubuntu 7 or 8
    that the ip's are ipv4 - and cost $1 xtra
    hypervm or virtuozzo power panel
    US located or Canada
    128meg dedi ram minimum and 100gig bandwidth min.

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    I think you might want to check out

    You can also check WHT's VPS offer section here

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    See BurstNET too


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    Check out lowendbox they will have a vps for you

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    there are several providers that will be able to manage that what is your budget? also how many IPs are you looking for on your VPS?

    I would suggest looking in the forums and if still not sure ask about the ones you find in your range! "Where the client comes first!"
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    directspace or burstnet~~~

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    Ubuntu 7/8 are fairly old. May want to check with the host first to make sure they actually supports it.

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