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    * Happy IPv6 Day - IPv6 Enabled Servers @ $35.00

    == == Happy IPv6 Day from Atlas Networks!

    10 MB Test file:
    100 MB Test file:
    Speed Test:
    IPv6 Traceroute: 2607:F060:B001:0011:0000:0000:0010:0001

    Native IPV6 transit (/64 subnet) is available on request!


    *UNMETERED BANDWIDTH 10Mbps unmetered bandwidth for all our Dedicated Servers! No coupon code required - just sign up!
    *HUGE CAPACITY Additional bandwidth available on metered or commit basis. Need 100, 1000 or more? We've got it!
    *PROVEN SECURITY Protect your server for only $25.00/mo!

    **************Atlas Networks Ultra-Value Server Plans****************

    P4 - 2.8 Ghz - 512MB RAM - 1x80GB SATA HDD - UnMetered 10Mbps Port

    FREE Setup - $35/Month
    Check it out


    Dual Xeon - 2.8 Ghz - 1GB RAM - 2x73GB SCSI HDD - UnMetered 10Mbps Port

    FREE Setup - $50/Month
    Check it out


    i5 Quad Core - 2.8 Ghz - 2GB RAM - 2x250GB SATA HDD - UnMetered 10Mbps Port

    FREE Setup - $109.99/Month
    Check it out


    Add-on Options

    Dedicated Server Management
    • Enhanced management for only $50 a month. Provides additional monitoring, support priority, and general software assistance (IIS, Apache, etc).
    • Full management for only $100 a month. Provides deep-level monitoring, and 24/7 access to support for complex issues (Active Directory, MySQL query analysis, etc).

    Hardware Load Balancing with High-Availability (HA):
    • High-availability and scalability of your multi-server Windows or Linux web/application load balanced environment.
    • Build custom solutions for clustered high availability.

    Managed Firewall Services:
    • Managed firewall services.
    • Hardware firewalls.
    • NEVER oversold.
    • Only $25.00/mo for 10mbps firewalling!

    Remote Backup Services
    • On-Net encrypted backups.
    • Replicated offsite in realtime.
    • Incremental/Differentials supported!
    • Only $9.00/mo for 25GB of storage!


    • FREE Basic Support 24/7
    • FREE OS/CP Reloads
    • FREE Hardware Replacement
    • FREE Server Data Migration
    • KVM over IP (on request for additional fee)
    • NO CONTRACTS - Month to Month!


    Seattle - 2001 Sixth Ave (Westin Building)

    Seattle - 2401 Utah Ave South (Starbucks Center)

    **************************Other Products****************************


    Contact Us Today!


    Unlike much of our competition, we're housed in our own facility. We aren't colocating or leasing a cage from someone else - it's our NOC, floor to ceiling.

    Our prices are guarantees. If you lease a server now at $35.00/mo, that's what you'll pay as long as you have that server. No price increases, no complicated models - just a simple flat rate that no one else can compete at.

    Our network is professionally managed, and new uplinks are frequently added. We don't play the overcommit game - if you and 20 other users in the same rack all want to use 10mbps, you'll get all 10mbps. Have a 100mbps port? You'll always get all 100mbps. That's a promise.
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