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    Keep getting problematic httpd processes

    Hey all,
    I recently modified my loadavg script to store in a database the output of a top command if there's ever server loads of over 1. Overnight I've had 12 such times logged to a database.

    Upon inspecting things (I was expected there is a recurring problem), the top command reveals that there are always three queries running together which take over 30 seconds each, and take up ~9% of memory each:

    26119 nobody 25 0 73492 38m 4792 S 0 8.5 0:30.00 httpd
    7313 nobody 25 0 76716 42m 4992 S 0 9.5 0:29.99 httpd
    14212 nobody 19 0 70688 39m 4844 S 0 8.8 0:30.03 httpd
    Is there a command that will tell me exactly what these processes are? Like in WHM's "CPU/Memory/MySQL Usage" whereby it says what account these httpd processes are coming from, and the actual page they are coming from as well?

    If I could log these details (i.e. account and page these are coming from) along with the output of the top command, I can hopefully troubleshoot where this problem is coming from.


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    Isn't it easier to just have sysstat to know at what time the load spiked and then check the logs around that time?
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    You could quite easily install visual stats
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