Had this design since 2008 with the intent of following a long-awaited venture, but have not had time since then.

The following is Unique, and the only problem with it is I can't find the home page .PSD file, but I do have the shared/reseller/contact PSDs.

Only the first page (home page) is coded xhtml/css.

I am OPEN to offers, so shoot away.



[b]XBOX Designs:[b]

Long-term project, never launched (more than 5 years ago).

I have two designs, one is UNIQUE: http://www.tvroamer.com/ex2.jpg - Comes coded, no PSD (can't find it). As IS, only code.

Second is NOT Unique, never sold before (contact if you see it), will NOT come with PSD, comes CODED, as IS:



All 3 I am open to offers.

PM or reply. I am rarely on so IMs will probably not work.