We are very excited to finally bring our cloud out of beta and into full production. We have been running in Beta for 4 months with some of the worlds most demanding users - the VMWare global VExperts.During this time we took their feedback and tweaked things to make a very stable offering.

We believe our VMWare Vcloud Director based platform is the way of the future for hosting. We have taken your input and pulled together an enterprise level platform with service guarantees that take the guess work out of your decision to move from a dedicated environment to a cloud platform to enable your business to move to the next level and remain competitive.

How do we do that? With our platform and with our new application monitoring system. It allows us to guarantee you that we will provide you the same or better performance in our cloud than you have on your dedicated for half the price.

Half the price? Yes half the price. If you bring us your current bill for your dedicated hosting environment we will move you to our cloud, cut your bill in half and guarantee you the performance down to the application level. It takes all the guesswork out of it.

Benefits? Many!

Enterprise architecture - vmware high availability using DRS and HA within a clustered environment

High performance enterprise storage - based on our HP storageworks system - no more worries about a drive failure bringing your system down and being down for extended fsck.

instant deployment of additional vms - through out catalog of public apps and your apps that you can upload into the catalog - deploying a new server is just a click away.

Custom configuration of your vm resources - This is huge - the system allows you to view your resources as independent pools that can be mixed and matched based on your specific needs - ie - you will get a pool of cpu / ram / ips / san space and will be able to create your own custom vms through these pools. The vm will deploy like you want it and will deduct the resource from the available pool.

You can set up standard vapps that already define a resource combination and when you click to deploy it - it pulls all the software and loads you fully deployed vm ready to go.

We have tested and ready Cpanel on linux in our vapp catalog ready to go.

We have also priced our setup low from the start to make sure there is no question as to what system you should be on.

Pricing is as follows:

Ram - 8 per gig
Cpu - 20 per ghz
Storage - 50 cents per gig for sas and 30 cents per gig for sata
firewall - included for free - Vshield edge
full applications level monitoring and reporting through our Appmonitor - FREE

The system is fully integrated to our portal

Move off your dedicated before your competition does and cut your hosting bill in half!

We guarantee that our pricing above will cut your bill in half or we will give you better pricing. We will size the vm for you and guarantee the performance - so you have no risk - we want to make sure that you get what you need to run your apps. If we size it and you need more to make it perform right we will take that risk.

Is this a new service? No - it is proven and tested. We believe its our future so we have taken our time with it with a select customer base to make sure its mass market ready and it is!

The time to move is now!

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