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    CNAME to the RSS feed

    I'm having trouble pulling ebay feeds for my plugin phpbay for wordpress. My host Photon VPS just did a clean install of cpanel, I added DNS, nameserver, and IP. But still having prolems.

    I'm going through the same problem that happened to me a year ago.

    Staff member from Photon VPS solved my problem last time, this is what he said.

    Your scripts is looking for this -

    You added this entry awhile ago. Not sure how you had it about. However I forced the host. The RSS feeds the DNS was not resolving it had stale DNS running so sometime it resolved sometime it didnt.

    you need to add the CNAME to the RSS feed.
    It's been 3 days since I contacted Photon VPS about this problem. Yet they still haven't fixed it for me, I wish I knew more about maintaining a VPS. They have been answering my questions every four hours, sometimes longer.

    Really just too much hassle with them, really thinking about ditching them for better supporting VPS.

    Here's one of my sites that pulls ebay feeds slow

    Here's a demo of how fast they should be

    I appreciate any help on what they are talking about with the cname and rss feed, I don't understand what he's talking about.

    I added a DNS to domain

    Added a entry along with DNS zoning on each domain I have, yet still having problem bringing up my site with ebay products on them.

    I would appreciate any help, thank you.
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    fix your scripts - doesn't look like it's their problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by quantumphysics View Post
    fix your scripts - doesn't look like it's their problem
    Nothing to fix on the script side, I have the latest phpbay plugin and have edited the plugin correctly in the back end.

    I have been running the phpbay pluin for 4 years on my sites. Just don't understand why I have a hard time running it on Photon VPS and get lag.

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    first link loads 5x faster than second link...

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    Quote Originally Posted by misspink View Post
    first link loads 5x faster than second link...
    Give it some time, it goes in and out ever few minutes. For the most part there's more down time than uptime, meaning the lag.

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    In your DNS settings, change to

    (Notice the "dot" I added, which is what you're missing)

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