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    looking for a program to convert html to a template

    hi I'm looking for a program to convert my html code to a template that i can easily use to make changes is there one possible to do that

    what i hope to achieve is once i have my code finished i would like it as a template in order for me to just make it easy for me to work with for example if i need to add say a different picture or add a temporary special etc

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    You can use Dreamwaver to convert HTML page to a Template.

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    any idea how i'm new to this whole html and all also if you have any idea as to how i could create a sort off page for my site say like one where people can upload a photos to a fixed frame that i could print out for them

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    You would need more than HTML to be able to accomplish it.
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    thanks for the feedback ..right so what would i need to get the pages i create into some sort of template and then for the page that would allow people to upload several pictures into one template so i could print out say an A4 size picture

    thanks for the help

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    How about just using WordPress as your template?

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    never used wordpress just trying to learn html codes etc and so far not so bad will have a look at wordpress thanks

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    You can use Dreamweaver. You will be able to create html template easily. I think it is really good.

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    You would have to cut and slice your layout, then code it using tables so on and so forth.

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    As i can see your new to html and coding for any sort
    so my suggetion to learn well this
    just take a ready template edit it first just edit change stuff on it from here to there change colors font try to add stuff google somethings play with her styleshet in the end u will be having a good knowledge to start creating your own html pages

    good luck

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    If you buy a template and use dreamweaver you don't have to worry about html.

    Google - templatemonster

    Hope we are helping you get in the right direction.

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    thanks for the help been on research journey but so far i think the template thing sounds a good place to start and try my luck that way lol well i hope i can find a template that will allow my customers to upload their pictures to my website so that i can print it out for them in return

    thanks alot !!!

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    That is more advanced then just editing a template that will require some advanced scripting

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    Although there is NOTHING better than learning how to do it right, if I didn't know HTML / CSS - this is probably what I would use:

    Site Grinder converts your photoshop files into a template. I have never used it so use it at your own risk.

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    Thanks for the input will check out and give feedback on how things are going

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    Use dreamweaver for easily creating your HTML page as template.

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    I agree with everyone else dreamweaver offers a very easy way to make a template. What you need to do is

    Create your template click into the part/parts you want to make editable and click the 'insert link' on your toolbar. Then choose 'template objects' - 'Editable region'. Dreamweaver will convert your file to a template directly. Once saved to create a new page simply click 'File' then 'new' then choose page from template and the template you want to use.

    You could also use server side includes and an external css sheet to create a site that you can easily change with just one file online rather than having to change all the pages at once (yes you can do this by editing your template in dreamweaver it will offer the option to change all the pages created with that template at once) locally then upload them all back up to the server.

    Hope this helps

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    Hand coding works best, you may want to try sitegrinder if you don't care about the quality.

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    thanks for the help think im gonna lean towards a wesite builder that hopfully i can find that offers functions that allow my customers to upload their pictures to my site this is what i'd like customers upload thier pics to my site via different templets i offer ie myexample this is from a website then once uploaded i would recieve the new picture and print it out for them


    sould i just get a Professional to do it for me lol as i cant see a website builder doing this if there is please let me know thanks

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    Learn little bit of dream-weaver from tutorials that will be helpful to do easily.

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    i got dreamweaver just recently and am trying to learn how to use it so hopefully i'll get to doing something productive lol

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    Dreamweaver is the industry leader in Web Development Software.

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    You could hire a professional to do it for you for each one individually to start and then once you have some cash flow a programmer to build an automated system for you.

    I doubt there will be a script prepackaged for this and if there was you may still need help in getting someone to install it. What do you want to do with the images ecard, website, email, facebook app? This all makes a difference also how will the images be seen mobile phone, email, computer browser etc.

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    Btw...Dreamweaver Is the Best currently in the market for any creating of custom based templates or by using tools...I recommend that because i use it my self..

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    I think that you have asked really stupied question. I think that all know abou the easiest programm-Dreamweaver. If you know html and Adobe Photoshop you can esily work with this software.

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    mr "talent"

    Quote Originally Posted by EvaBrown View Post
    I think that you have asked really stupied question. I think that all know abou the easiest programm-Dreamweaver. If you know html and Adobe Photoshop you can esily work with this software.
    well not all of us might be as "talented as you" if you are that is that is why i asked such questions if you have nothing better to say then keep you "stupid" comments for yourself and move on

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    I think you are just spammers. You are try to dial the number of posts ask such easy questions.

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    ou can used dream weaver

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