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    Thumbs up Test your IPv6 connectivity !

    Hello Friends,

    Make sure you are ready for World IPv6 Day. Check your System's health for IPv4 and IPv6.

    Here goes the URL :
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    Google has one aswell.

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    My modem has ipv6 support so my ISP can roll it out at any time...
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    AT&T isn't quite ready. Pretty certain my modem will require a firmware update too. Fairly certain my phone is though!
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    Alaska is hosed, the only two internet providers up here (ATT doesnt count), are not IPv6 ready, 0/10
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    Happy world IPv6 day

    I've been using Ipv6 for quite some time now, along with getting my team members used to it and transitioned over to Ipv6 and ready for it. I have also setup my home network to IPv6, no more IPv4!!

    I've been awaiting this day, as today we gave away over 1000 IPV6 addresses to our clients and have been assisting them with getting used to it, we also had one of our team members write up a few FAQs in our Knowledge base to assist with our clients and fans with the new IPv6.

    I would hope by now most companies are transitioned over to the IPv6 way, and are IPV6 ready, (native) and providing IPv6 addresses...

    I was reading a few other threads at another community forum I'm a active member at and alot of people are acting like it's something big, and very hard to do... The transition for our whole company maybe took 30-45 minutes to complete and have everything up and running month's ago. We have been providing IPv6 addresses with all of our services for month's now, providing each client with 18 dedicated ipv6 addresses, and there able to get more if needed.

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    I have thought most ISPs are already up to speed with the IPv6 transition also..

    I know the providers around my area/home town are already up to speed/date with the IPv6 protocols and such. I have IPv6 setup and configured in our offices and at my home.

    Verizon and Comcast both support IPv6 now.. I know for a fact, as I'm a customer of both of them internet service providers and they both have hardware, and the up to date configurations and ready for the IPv6.

    I helped a neighbor the other day, he just purchased a new home a few doors down for me and was getting his internet setup, he is using comcast and they came out and setup his internet for him in his home, and it's using the IPv6 protocols and such, He's IPv6 ready by default from comcast setting up his stuff.

    He's even got wireless networking in his home, and it's all ipv6 ready even with the modem, and the routers they provided where capable with IPv6..

    I assumed most of the United States ISP's are Native IPv6 ready, I guess I was wrong?

    It's not very hard to do, you can go to you local computer stores and pick up modems and routers and such that are IPV6 ready and such, I guess just some ISPs have not rolled out the IPv6 networking or addresses yet..

    If anyone would like any help with IPv6 configurations and setup's please let me know, we have been running a community all day today sense 12:00AM Wednesday (World IPV6 Day) and providing free unix shell's on our dedicated box we have configured that provides each user with 5 dedicated IPV6 addresses and a unix shell to play around and try out the IPv6, there is no IPv4 networking setup on the box, and each client has a dedicated ipv6 address..

    If your interested, feel free to shoot me a e-mail at [email protected] and I will be glad to help you and invite you into our little project we have going on.

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    This whols IPv6 thing is gonna cause alot of UN-NECCESSARY PROBLEMS!!

    Tinyurl is the answer for posting long urls!!!

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    I wish my home ISP was IPv6 ready.... bleh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IGobyTerry View Post
    AT&T isn't quite ready. Pretty certain my modem will require a firmware update too. Fairly certain my phone is though!
    Yeah, I'm guessing the same. AT&T get your butts IPV6 ready already!
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Dude View Post
    This whols IPv6 thing is gonna cause alot of UN-NECCESSARY PROBLEMS!!

    So is the shortage of IPv4 addresses

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