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Thread: visual vps

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    visual vps

    how do i see my centos desktop i mean how instead of a command line how do i see my vps i dont know how to explain but if some one could help

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    You would do this by installing a VNC.
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    you can also install with freenx instead of vnc :: Cloud Hosting Reliable Xen VPS :: Serving Customer From More Than 40 Countries.
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    I believe your asking how to access under a "desktop view"?

    You would have to install "gnome desktop" or another thing simular to your VPS.

    CentOS 5.5 with Gnome Destop,
    Then with that OS template, your able to login to your Virtual Server with VNC Viewer with the session ID and access it like a desktop. People relate it to normally like Remote Desktop Connection with Windows.

    What setup do you have with your VPS?

    I know we have a OS that has this already pre-installed that all the client would have to do is login and type 'vncserver', and use the session id from the startup and login under vnc.

    But you would need some type of component.

    This is most common with Ubuntu, but I'm not 100% but I believe most OS's don't have this feature/option installed by default..

    If you provide more information about your specs/setup I can assist you with steps on how to access it with all the needed things to access/use.

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    one vote for glitched. you need to install the desktop first then you can use something like remote desktop to logon.

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    Tiger-Matt your replay didnt work for me. glitched i have centos 5.x vps from burstnet can u tell me a easier way i am just newbie to this

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