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    Thumbs up Inmeso UK : We are offering 100 Cloud PBX Servers for £ 22,07 a YEAR!!

    To celebrate our new Cloud PBX Services, we are now offering 100 Cloud PBX Servers for only £ 22,07 a YEAR!

    You can choose your favorite distribution: Elastix, Trixbox, PBXinaFlash or AsteriskNOW!

    After payment your server will be automatically deployed and activated within minutes!

    System configuration:

    Memory 512 MB
    HDD space 10000 MB
    Traffic 100 GB

    So, donít wait any longer and get one while it lasts!

    More information and/or ordering:

    Inmeso United Kingdom
    Dept 189, 43 Owsten Road | Carcroft, Doncaster | DN6 8DA
    P: +44 (0)130 221 6689 (24/7) | [email protected]
    Email Disclaimer :

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    Can you guys do goautodial ?

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    I got some questions regarding the cloud-pbx

    1. Do you have any type of timing hardware like Sangoma UT50/51?
    2. Do you have modules to run a predictive dialer on the boxes? If yes, these modules use any voice detection abilities or they are just mass calling solution?
    3. which codecs are available and which you recommend?
    4. How much you charge for additional bandwidth and is there any limit on the max bandwidth a use can use?
    5. What is the port maximum speed per node and what is max speed allowed per instance?

    I asked the same questions in a ticket and guess what was the response

    All Cloud servers are based on available PBX solutions.
    All have their own configuration and sets of codect.
    For more information you can visit our website, or the website of the distribution you are interested in.
    also note that it took the support team two days to response. I asked the question on late sunday and received the response on late tuesday.

    don't know if its a holiday on monday as well on your side of the world.

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