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    Would you still recommended Magento now that eBay owns it 100%

    I am considering my options for an eCommerce platform and have seen that a lot of members recommended using Magento. It does sound like a great system but now that eBay owns the company would you still recommend using it?

    I can only imagine that it won't stay free for long and that with eBay as the owner there will probably be less user control and they could even start to require certain add-ons or payment methods, ie. Paypal.

    Could Magento be going toward an "All-in-one" eCommerce site similar to Volusion?

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    I have no idea. I just wonder why ebay bought it.

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    ^ From my experience with eBay they don't seem to do anything unless they think they can make money.

    Buying a company like Magento that is open-source seems to go against everything the company has done it the last few years.

    I hardly doubt that they are going to develop the new "X.commerce" they are talking about and let it be free and open-source.

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    I think they are going to modify magento and include in ebay for sellers to configure it more like their own website.

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    magento is good commerce system, I think ebay will add more features to it.

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    A big hurt to the whole magento community(excluding the owners of magento)
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    I am sure that magento commerce shopping cart is the best one available in the Net for runing e-shops, e-stores, etc.
    There are many useful functions included into it.

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    ^ That's what I always read about it, "Magento is the best for this and that, etc" but what does the future hold for it now that a big corporation is taking it over? Would it still be a wise choice to start n ecommerce site using Magento or are the risk factors too high now that it's future is unknown.

    eBay could very well turn it into it's own web service/ecommerce system replacing the failed Prostores program.

    If you are a developer working on the Magento platform would you still put time in developing the system for your clients not knowing what the future holds?

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    Yes i will still recommend for Magento as i think that in spite of owning this company by eBay, will not introduce any special kind of payment method for Indians or any other countries.

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    eBay doesn't spend money unless they plan on making making.

    You can't even mention Google Checkout on an eBay listing even if it has nothing to do with the payment options but is an option of the software you are selling.
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    I can express the point that many of my friends prefer to use magento shopping cart software for running of their e-commerce web sites.
    If I have an e-shop i'd choose magento optimized web host.

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