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    Need ASP.Net Host with CRystal Reports

    I have a program developed on Visual Studios that uses the version of Crystal Reports that is built in. I need to deploy this so visitors to my site can read and print reports.

    I am using WinHost now but they do not support this.

    I need a recommendation - thanks.

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    I would recommend arvixe, crystal reports is default with their hosting plan. Their price is lower comparing to many other hosts. The best of the best is their 60 day money back guarantee.

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    IMHO in your case it will be much better to go for VPS hosting server.

    Regards - Windows Web hosting information and resources.

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    What is VPS and what is the price range?

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    There are a few hosts supporting Crystal reports on shared hosting and am sure some of them will stop supporting it since applications using Crystal reports are normally heavy and not meant to run on shared hosting platform. VPS or a Dedicated server may be an ideal choice for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinW22 View Post
    What is VPS and what is the price range?
    VPS means virtual private server where you can get more system resources and better performance but it's relatively expensive than shared hosting. For crystalreports you can start with a shared hosting to save your money.

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    hi all,

    personally, i believe that I do not need to spend big $$$ to get a VPS or a dedicated server. It all depends on the requirements and if I just have to demonstrate 50 reports, why should I need to spend hundred of dollars a month for a dedicated server?

    I still believe that a shared host is more than adequate. I notice several days ago, there was a thread mentioning about provides Crystal Report service and certainly, you can take a look.

    Alternatively, you can post questions on official Crystal Report forums at

    Cheers :-)

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    I am trying arvixe which is only $8 a month - I would pay twice that amount but for now I am just testing.

    On thing arvixe gives you a shared SQL Server. That means you need a unique DB name. That also apparently means the default provider which I use ASPNETDB can't be used as it is already taken. I hope this does not mean I have to set up a custom provider. I was using WINHOST and they had a different set up so this was not a problem.


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    you still have another alternative,, in which you can start hosting your crystal report from $4.00/month. If things work out with Arvixe, good on you, if not, you can always consider other hosts.

    If you have problems with crystal report deployment, you can refer to Good luck!

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    Shared vs VPS: Both have it's own pros and cons.

    For Kevin's purpose a shared hosting should do, provided Arvixe meets his requirements. Many web hosts simply refuse Crystal reports as part of shared hosting package(E.g: 3essentials - they only have crystal in vps/dedicated packages).
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    Try this provider : , you can ask for some days check it free

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ekhwan View Post

    Any positive reviews about arvixe? what was your experience?
    You can easily google for the reviews. Want to see negative? Google for "arvixe sucks" want to see positive - google for "arvixe excellent"

    Or just search on WebHostingTalk, here is some reviews too.

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