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    Allocating multiple IP addresses

    I have a dedicated windows server (2008 RC2) with 1&1 (not my choice of provider!) and have just purchased an additional IP to use with an SSL.

    Following the instructions they provide, I have set a static IP for the server of the original allocated IP and added the new IP as an additional address in the advanced TCP/IP settings of the network adapter.

    However, I am unable to access a domain that is bound to the new IP address. I can ping the original IP but not the new one. Basically I seem unable to access the new IP at all.

    As far as I can see there are no specific port settings just for the original IP so, in theory, it should allow traffic on any IP allocated to the server, shouldn't it?

    1&1 support (I use that term loosely) have been zero help.

    I can access the new IP from the server (ping and access the domains bound to it), but nothing externally, which I guess might suggest firewall, but I have disabled the firewall and allowed all traffic through packet filter with no luck.

    Any ideas of where to start looking would be gratefully received.

  2. As long as you are completely sure that you have added the correct IP address to the network adapter under the Additional IP addresses section, and your firewall is down, you should be able to access the IP without issues. This sounds more like a routing or switching issue on their side, and you might need to have them forward the issue to their network engineers since the service you have purchased is not working. Usually, they would need to be able to add this IP address for you and make it work for you, since if there would be a switching/routing issue (which appears to be the case due to you being able to ping it from the server but not from other locations), your hands would be tied as they are the only ones having access to their devices. What exactly are they replying to your support queries?
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    Thanks for replying.

    Yeah, I've checked it dozens of times.

    I initially contacted their server support and they pointed me to a FAQ document that explained how to add the IP. Once I'd done that I replied saying it wasn't working. They basically replied telling me I'd have to check on or

    Granted it's not a managed server, but I think they could have been a little more helpful.

    I contacted their normal support and basically said they had a problem with their routing as I couldn't ping the IP. They came back saying it was a server issue, but they are at least going to logon to it and take a look. At least they said they would.

    I'm inclined to think they haven't routed it correctly, but shockingly bad customer service in any case. If it wasn't a huge task to move I'd drop them like a shot.

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    1and1 suck. Be ready for disaster when they locked your server. They don't even response to their email. My company is very happy now that I move everything to Hostgator, their response is amazing and u can even track it and reply to it.

    For your domain problem it must be related to DNS. Run DNS Manager and select property of your DNS (should be computer name). The very first tab come up should be INTERFACE, click the box next to your NEW IP address. Press OK to exit and reboot the server. Good luck...

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    1and1 247server = gay sucker
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