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    Thumbs up XenServer VPS from $4/mo: FST Servers

    FST Servers, LLP –

    A few things to note about FST Servers and our VM hosting service:
    • We host all virtual machines on Citrix XenServer 5.6. All of our servers feature either dual quad-core Xeon processors or dual eight-core Opteron processors. Our servers are located in Tier II datacenters.
    • The hardware resources (RAM and disk) that our customers purchase are completely dedicated; we do not offer “burstable” resources.
    • You have full control of your virtual machine; you can power it up, shut it down, or even wipe the disk and reinstall the OS at any time through a convenient web-based interface.
    • We offer a custom-designed control panel built from the ground up to serve our customers' needs. The control panel offers an overview of your services with FST Servers and allows customers to reinstall their OS at any time or to make support requests. You can read more about our control panel at

    You can find more details about FST’s services at our about page,

    Here is a sampling of our available plans and their current pricing:

    VM-0, $4/month
    • 128MB RAM, 7GB disk, 500GB monthly bandwidth usage

    VM-1, $6.25/month
    • 256MB RAM, 10GB disk, 500GB monthly bandwidth usage

    VM-2, $12.50/month
    • 512MB RAM, 20GB disk, 500GB monthly bandwidth usage

    VM-4, $25/month
    • 1GB RAM, 40GB disk, 1000GB monthly bandwidth usage

    • Additional IP addresses: $1/month/each

    Operating Systems
    • CentOS 5.6, Debian 5, Debian 6, Ubuntu Server 10.04, Ubuntu Server 10.10
    • Windows Server 2003 R2 and 2008 R2 (NOTE: we do NOT provide Windows licenses; you must bring your own license and product key.)
    • If you don’t see your preferred OS, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

    A full list of plans is available at

    To sign up for service, go to our home page ( and click the “Signup” link, or go directly to our signup application at
    █ Brendan Fusco
    FST Servers LLP
    █ Chicago-based Citrix XenServer VPS |

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    ipv6 ready?

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    Quote Originally Posted by procrastinator View Post
    ipv6 ready?
    Not at this point, but we are hoping to provide IPv6 very soon.
    █ Brendan Fusco
    FST Servers LLP
    █ Chicago-based Citrix XenServer VPS |

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