I have an account at hostgator and cannot get a straight, consistent answer each time I ask. I would like custom nameservers on each of my doamins. One person will tell me that I need a dedicated server )$$$). Another will tell me I need VPS. Another will tell me I need a SEO plan. No one seems capable of a consistent answer.

I know how DNS zone records work. Hostgator gives access to most records but not NS records. I also have an account at another provider using Plesk that gives me complete access to all zone records. It seems to me that I can register the name at GoDaddy as I have, add host names for custom nameservers as I have, after first creating the domain and NS records on Plesk. When you add a NS record on Plesk it asks for the IP address.

But I cannot seem to get it to work. So I thought that I could have a complete DNS record on Plesk and just change the A records to the hostgator IP's. It doesn't seem to work and it should. Its no different than changing the mail. record to an exchange server somewhere or redirecting to a SPAM service. One can host domain.com at one IP and www.domain.com at another IP in actual practice.

What am I missing? How can I accomplish what I want? Can my Plesk server provide off-site DNS management?