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    can i pay on montlly basis

    if i pay monthly to web hosting guyz then initially what amount i need to pay ...i mean if the p.a charge is around 8000 i would have to give only 666 rupees right for month in advance or do i need to pay some more money over 666 which include charges for cpanel, or some thingelse ?? plz help

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    Is this the web host you are hosting your site at? ?
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    If you start on a monthly plan you should only have to pay the first months hosting in advance. If you need to purchase a domain name or have one transferred there may be an additional charge but its a one time thing. "Add a little Magick to your Website"

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    Im so sorry, but Im not that clear with your question.
    Usually, if you choose the first month plan, you only need to pay for that month and that package prices, but there may be an additional cost for other thing.
    So check what you need before purchasing, remmeber to read their TOS, some of the host include hidden fees.

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    You should only have to pay the first month. But yes there could be add on charges: domain name, cpanel, backups, tech support, setup, etc etc... It all comes down to the host you have selected and what they include in normal service and what they hit you for "extra" charges.

    If you have a current host, did they not send you an invoice showing what you owe?

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    Some webhosts have a setup fee for monthly payments, so you have to check with them.

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    Some web hosts define their own different pricing for annual payments and monthly payments.
    Usually they would give discount for annual payments (you can check with them).
    For example (not the exact pricing - just a sample), if you paid annually in advance, usually there would be 1-2 months discounts/free. Let's say the annual payment is 8000 rupees, and if the web host gives 2 months discount, that means you pay only for 10 months instead of 12 months, and your monthly cost in average would be around 666 rupees/year.
    But maybe if you pay monthly, the monthly cost would be 800 rupees/month (a bit higher).

    You may check with your web host about that and ask them if they're offering discount for such annual payments
    Also you can ask them about the additional fees (if any), such as for: Setup Fee, dedicated IP, SSL, and other add-on .
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    Generally speaking, you have to pay more if you like monthly based service, it's not the average fee of one year payment.

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    You would need to check if monthly payments are allowed by your web host. Unless we are paying a lot, most web hosts do charge higher for monthly fees, and we can't just simply divide them.
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    @naved , as far as I see on their website, they offer 500 MB disk space and 20 GB bandwidth for $9.5 per month, not really the best plan.

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