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    [WHMCS/SolusVM] Automatically put stock to 0 when IPV4's run out?


    Im wondering if there is a way so that when your stock of IPV4 addresses runs out WHMCS will not allow people to purchase more VPS's and cause confusion when there are no IPV4 addresses to issue.

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    It's not possible as far as I'm aware. You could probably write a simple PHP script to do it by cron though.

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    I presume that you can quickly get more IP addresses allocated by your provider in this case, as you will then have the justification required.

    So if this isn't possible as jtodd says, you could just make sure that customers know that in some circumstances your VPS' won't be automatically provisioned but activated within X hours - whilst you request and wait for further IP addresses to be provisioned.

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    If you really want to stop new users from signing up when no more IP address you can kind of use the stock control for each produce and just update it if someone orders more the normal.

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