LOS ANGELES, CA. (June 6, 2011) - UNIXY, a leading fully managed Web services company, is pleased to announce it has launched Fastlayer, the on-demand Web accelerator for cloud operators and service providers. Fastlayer is a multi-tenant, appliance-like software system that can run on as small as a virtual machine to accelerate hundreds of Web sites. Fastlayer builds on years of experience in delivering Web pages faster and more efficiently.

"Fastlayer is the culmination of years of experience in Web acceleration and resource efficiency." asserts Joe Hmamouche, Founder of UNIXY. "It is undeniably the best proposition offered to complement cloud deployments."

Fastlayer has entered its beta stage and is further expanding its network of partners, amongst which are cloud operators and service providers. We are seeking to partner with a spectrum of Web hosting companies.

About Fastlayer

Based in Los Angeles, California, is a spin-off built to tackle the decades-old challenge of high-traffic Web delivery with a practical multi-tenant twist. Fastlayer is based on the state-of-the-art HTTP accelerator Varnish. Its simple, yet powerful, RESTful API facilitates on-demand provisioning and cloud integration. For more information, please visit fastlayer.com.

About UNIXy

UNIXy is a leading fully managed server and cluster provider with presence in Houston, Texas and Los Angeles, California. Our clients benefit from our fully managed service and time-proven experience with high-traffic portals. UNIXy has been in business strong since 2006. For more information, please visit unixy.net.