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    HELP | Advice in choosing a dedicated server

    Hello forum friends,

    I am about to purchase a dedicated server and I need some advice.
    There are two servers I have my eyes on, and the main difference are as follows:
    Server 1
    A little cheaper
    100 Mbit port duplex
    ping: 95 ms

    Hosted out of my country

    Server 2
    A little more expensive
    10 mbit Port duplex
    ping: 17 ms

    Hosted in my coutry

    Which one is should i take, that will be better for hosting websites. Faster ping but less bandwidth, or slower ping with higher bandwidth?

    thanx in advance
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    Unless you're running an application that's sensitive to latency (online gaming, VOIP etc) then the first one would probably be better. Try to find speedtests of both providers, however you'll likely find the first can exceed 10mbit even from a different country.

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    100Mbps with 17 ms would be better. Also depends on the network (no packetloss) and how good the routing is. Then there is quality of bandwidth, etc. It isn't just about the Port speed and latency.

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    If you are purchasing a dedicated server for web hosting,then you should probably take server 1.High port speed is very important when it comes to web hosting business.
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    I would suggest you to get Server 1 first, from what I think the 'ping' is not that much different, as for period of time Its better to start with Server 1 and its more cheaper.

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    I would say take option 1. If you are just starting out, then budget is a big deal while you get things up and running. I would also rather have the 100 compared to 10 port connection. If you are hosting sites then they need to be as fast as you can make them and this right off the bat is a way to speed them up.

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    If your business is oversea, the first server is definitely what you need since it's closer to your target visitors.

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    Thank you very much for all you help, greatly appreciated

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