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    remote connection

    Hello guys,

    All i want to do is to remote connect to my office server. The problem is that the server is on a local network with 3 PCs (all share the same internet connection and IP) so I cant use the IP in order to connect to my server. How can I solve that?

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance

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    Use NAT on your router to forward the remote port to the server in your LAN? Or install a zero-configuration VPN / remote control like Logmein, in case you don't have access to the router.

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    Should i use a specific port for windows remote manager?

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    wrong post :/
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    I opened 3389 port as this is the default but this is not working. The server is conected to the router from an ethernet switcher maybe this causes the problem?

    PS the firewall on the server is disabled, i forwarded the port from the router to my IPv4 IP

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    Have you actually turned on remote desktop in Advanced system settings -> remote? It is not enabled by default.

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    yes i did. I can access the server on local network...But anything else is not working...ftp is not accessible too.

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