Looking for 3 experienced sales associates.

(1) Job Description

You will be responsible for a minimum of either:
1a. 5 sales/2-weeks
1b. $100 in sales/2-weeks

You will also be responsible for answering level 1 support tickets. All tickets are required to be answered within 30 minutes. You will only receive a penalty if the ticket was not answered while you are on the clock.

Failure to complete any of these responsibilities within your first 90 days of employee enrollment will result in an immediate termination of your position.

You will be assigned a work schedule totaling 15 hours/week and you may choose to work longer for a possible bonus.

(2) Job Requirements

Must be at least 16 with a scanned copy of Photo ID
Must have an active cell phone with calling/texting
Must be experienced in the hosting field
Must have a resume to send in upon job application

(3) Payroll - unofficial staff employment (no contract, under minimum wage)

Salary - $60/2-weeks
Commission Rate - Will be discussed if your job application is approved
Remember, this is a new company with a limited budget. Better pay will come as we grow. This also means official employment and official pay (at least minimum wage) after company growth.
Pay is on the 1st and 15th of every month.

(4) Contact

E-mail: [email protected] (fastest contact) - send your resume asap! applications fly in like crazy. We've had over 200 applications in less than a month before! The faster you send yours, the faster the response and the better chance of getting the job!
AIM: PKNPatrickN

(5) Bonus Employment

Working with us you will also have the option to work for a web design company as a sales associate for commission. In this company you are able to set your own hours and are not required to clock in at any time. More information on this company is released after you have been accepted/approved.

(6) Note
Applications may take up to a week for review, but most applications will be reviewed within 2 business days and you will receive an e-mail with our answer.
Questions may be answered through e-mail