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Thread: What can I use?

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    Lightbulb What can I use?

    Hello all,

    we are hosting company - about 15t domains. We looking for new software for control panel. Now we have dedicated solution.
    This feature must be in:
    * for clients must be multihosting (one pay-plan, more domains) support
    * clients have many domains on many servers - so solution must be in "cluster"
    * we need separate email server - so this must support too
    * mysql, ftp and http will together on many servers

    Thank you for your tips!


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    whats your budget like ?

    The control panels available are

    Hosting Controller
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    Plesk is too buggy and does not support remote mail server.
    Enkompass is in early stages
    DotnetPanel cannot be relied upon since the guys working on the software have left Microsoft and the future looks bleak.
    Hosting Controller is an ideal choice so far....
    Prashant T.

    Don't run after Success. Run after Excellence and Success will soon follow.

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    Hello, thank you for your replies. Hosting Controller is fine, but have one problem for us. As said their support, so one client can have all domains on one server. But we need one client to many servers. Is it some solution for it with HC?


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    Looks like enkompass would be the only option for you?

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    Before moving to plesk use their Trial version to understand the situation.

    The latest version has couple of bugs but there are some add-ons available using which you can use multiple servers from a same login.

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