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    Google Ad-Words Host Partnership?

    Does anyone have a little information on how some hosts manage to offer free Ad words credits to their customers? Do they have a partnership with google or do they have to pay out of their own pocket?

    I am interested in potentially offering this service, however have no idea who to contact in regards to it. Does your company need to host a certain number of domains to be elibible or is it as simple as contacting Google? I understand $50-100 of adwords credits won't go very far but for a potential customer it definitely could be perceived as a reason to join your host.


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    New to hear about this topic. Hope to get some useful posts.

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    I was considering starting this topic as well, so would like to know how it works too Cheers

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    Heres the answer:

    Looks as if it is will be hard to be accepted with a low amount of clients.

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    I believe they are quite selective and have many criteria of which they take into consideration. Including, but not limited to:

    - services offered
    - number of customers
    - growth
    - location of customer base

    If you have less than a few thousands customers I believe it is quite difficult to get accepted to the program, especially if you are competing in the same markets as other program members.

    To be fair, I didn't do all that much digging previously and I'm sure someone else may have a more insightful answer

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