eMonsterhost is currently and for only a limited time are guaranteeing WebHostingTalk members a dedicated server with a full Class C IP Block (256 IP's).

This dedicated server has a /24 class subnet of IP's assigned to it.

The server hardware specifications are:

Intel Core2Duo E8200
3000GB out / un-metered in Bandwidth
100Mbps Port Speed
8 IPs (5 Usable) - These IP's naturally come with any server
256 IP's - These IP's are coming from the /24 that is configured for this server

The monthly price for the dedicated server and /24 IP Block (256 IP's) is $430 a month.

Again, offers such as these do not typically last long and will go quick to the first party interested. These servers are already setup to use the subnet of 256 IP's so they are ready to go, just need to know your hostname. This is a guaranteed chance of having a dedicated server with 256 IP's which is very hard to come by in this day in age with IPv4 being exhausted..

This offer is only subject to DigitalPoint and Webhostingtalk members.

If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know by e-mailing us at [email protected]. Otherwise, you may call us directly to at 1-920-591-0336.

Best Regards,
Ryan Lunzmann